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Four investing lessons from the Australian Open

Earlier this year, the Australian Open had most spectators gripping the edge of their seats at times over its 14 days of play. From the opening round, right through to the women’s and men’s finals, you could say the first Grand Slam tennis tournament of 2023 had it all. Top-seed upsets, unexpected withdrawals, unforeseen events, […]

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Financial Planning, Life Insurance

Protect Yourself Through Superannuation

The attractiveness of superannuation as an investment and savings vehicle is well known. Although the federal government places limits on the amount of tax-effective contributions we can make, the ability to structure insurance arrangements through super remains. How does insurance through super work? The types of insurances considered here are limited to those that relate […]

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Retirement Planning

What is the Home Equity Access Scheme?

Approximately 1.8 million Australian homeowners receive some level of age pension, with around 700,000 on a part pension. What many of these part-age pensioners may not know is that, along with recipients of the disability support pension, carer payment and some other Centrelink payments, they are able to access some of the equity in their […]

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