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We’re in this to make a difference, to help you avoid the common mistakes that prevent people from creating a life they truly love.

For over 20 years we’ve been helping people like you make smart, informed business and financial decisions. We’re in this to make a difference, to help you avoid the common mistakes that prevent people from building a business and creating a life they truly love.


Owning a business should be more than strain, stress & struggle

For too long, business owners had to choose between a thriving business and a thriving family life. You’ve worked hard to get where you are today, but is it time you received a greater return on the investment of your time?

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Taking care of your money, now and for the future, is easier than you think. With a tailored financial plan from Cambio Group, you’ll finally experience peace of mind knowing your future is secure.

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Jodie & Wyatt

We started working with Roy for our accounting requirements approximately 13 years ago and this evolved into our financial planning needs.

To work with Roy as our specialist financial planner made us feel confident and happy with our plans moving forward for our family with two young children.

A situation that we had thought of but not really planned properly was our financial health, including our property and assets, debt reduction, superannuation, trusts, and retirement.

Our plans with Roy also included our physical and mental health, and Roy introduced us to AIA Vitality, a health and wellbeing program.

We are both very happy working with Roy and gaining his expertise so that we can focus on our work, health, and family.

Peter & Jill

When I retired, my wife and I employed a private firm of financial consultants. A review of our finances was conducted face to face only once a year, with no contact in-between. However, the fees grew all out of proportion.

By this time, we were feeling a loss of confidence in our ability to achieve our goals and even considered downsizing our home to raise more capital with which to invest. Downsizing was not our preferred option as we had worked hard for the home we had created, even though we are now empty nesters.

Luckily for us, some friends recommended Cambio Group. One phone call and a trip to Cambio’s offices was all it took for Cambio to provide a Financial Services Guide detailing who they are and what they do.

We then had a lengthy session to enable Roy to produce a Statement of Advice based on our finances, our annual budget, our future capital expenditure (house maintenance, holidays, etc.), and our goals to conservatively grow and use our money.

Roy’s conclusions and suggestions for investing made a lot of sense, and we seamlessly transferred our funds, thanks to the great team at Cambio who are behind him.

Additionally, the fees we were paying were considerably reduced. They say that you should not look at your investments more than once every 3 months due to the ups and downs of the market. We do not like that idea as it is our money. Roy has provided us with online access to all the funds we are invested in, so we can review this at will, but the best part is that we have control of our money.

Roy is pro-active in providing us with advice. The cash market is poor at the moment, but like all invested retirees we have to keep a proportion of our funds in cash to meet our needs. Roy has on many occasions found better, safe, investment options for our funds held as cash.

He does not wait for the 3-monthly reviews but calls immediately to discuss his suggestions with his and our aims to get the best interest rates.

He is very experienced in the finance industry, well qualified and, personable. After our previous experiences, my wife and I now feel that with Roy and the team at Cambio Group, we are receiving the financial advice and strategies that give us the confidence that we are doing the best that can be done with our money.

Josh & Jamie-Lee

Cambio Group has been looking after our personal and business taxation and financials for a few years now and we’ve very much been impressed with their services.

After our exhausting experience with previous accountants mismanaging our accounts, we are happy to say that we have full confidence that Andrew Blythman and Holly Ryan at Cambio Group are managing our financial matters with the utmost care and level of expertise.

They are always informed of any new legislative changes and continue to assist us with our ever-changing business needs including planning ahead to prepare our small business for what is anticipated for the coming financial year.

Their strategic advice is always appreciated and tailored specifically to our business. Plus, their service is always prompt, approachable, and reliable.

Sophie & David

It was 2014. We were two hardworking professionals with a young family and had no time, expertise, or desire to do the research to get our affairs into order.

We needed someone we could trust to reassess our finances, budgets, insurances, superannuation, investments, and aspirations, from the ground up. Then a trusted colleague recommended Roy Friend.

He has been our go-to man for over five years now and will be for many more. Roy removed the mystery from taking the first steps and has kept us on the path ever since, with practical advice and plans for the short and long term.

Cambio Group provides us with the full suite of services and advice, and they are invariably reliable and responsive. We warmly recommend Roy and Cambio Group.

Graham & Deb

Deb and I have a blended family of 5 children all in their 30s and 40s… we also have 11 grandchildren.

I have just retired this year and Deb still works part-time.

The problems we had been experiencing were listening to too many friends and colleagues about their story, and only getting a short snapshot from financial advisory companies with no personal concern for our urgency to get it right.

After our first initial meeting with Ben at Cambio Group, we came away totally relaxed, informed, and had a clear pathway that suited our needs in every way.

We felt in control of our financials, assets, and life moving forward. We knew someone was genuinely listening to us and giving us the best advice and options to choose from.

Our new actions moved us forward with ease and confidence. We have already achieved wonderful results with Ben’s advice and gentle guidance and most importantly, we know we can give him any concerns we have and he will respond promptly.

At Cambio Group, we feel we are viewed as real people, not just a number. Ben understands our need for family security and at the same time our personal goals to achieve.

We are feeling secure, well informed, and heard. We look forward to many golden years with Ben and urge our children to seek his knowledge and guidance early in their lives.

Our only regret is that we didn’t meet Ben 30+ years ago…


After struggling to get my business and personal financial affairs in order for many years, I was referred to Cambio Group to help me out.

Over nearly 20 years, David, Roy, and the Cambio Group crew have become invaluable members of my team. They play the role of trusted advisor and confidante and genuinely contribute to the growth, development, and management of my business and myself personally.

The Cambio Group team has helped with my organisational and financial structures, tax planning, investments, insurance, and overall strategic planning.

It’s great to have a knowledgeable team of experts at hand when it comes to making important business and life-changing financial decisions. I often tell my friends I have a great accountant who actually makes me money.

Throughout the last 20 years, my business has gone from fledgling to growing and expanding strategically, bringing in new partners, and now planning succession for down the track. It’s nice to deal with a firm whose core values align with my own.

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