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Lucas Allan

Senior Accountant

Lucas is a senior accountant at Cambio Group who works with small businesses to create tax-effective financial and business solutions. Particularly knowledgeable with ATO compliance, Lucas has helped numerous businesses adapt to the changing financial environment with great success.

With a Bachelor of Business, specialising in Finance, Lucas believes that business success is achieved by looking towards the long-term and establishing future-focused accounting strategies.

Lucas is extremely passionate about helping his clients and their businesses reach their full potential.

With excellent communication skills and professionalism, Lucas endeavours to help every single client who walks through the door at Cambio Group to accomplish their goals.

Gonca Atile

Adviser Support

Gonca joined the Cambio Group in the role of Adviser Support after finding her passion of helping others with the sometimes confusing maintenance of their financial situation.

With a commerce degree from Griffith University and over 3 years of working in the financial services industry, Gonca understands the importance of putting the clients needs first when putting a plan together.

Gonca takes great pride in helping the financial planning partners tailor advice for clients’ unique circumstances and implementing those recommendations to observe the positive impact our advice can have on each client’s financial (and personal) journey.

Cecilia Berbanio

Senior Accountant

With a love for technical and complex tasks, Cecilia is a great asset to the Accounting team at Cambio Group.

With seven years of experience in SMSFs, Bookkeeping, and Tax Compliance, Cecilia is particularly skilled when it comes to coordinating accounting software and programs.

Cecilia is an incredibly hard-working and dedicated team member. She has an eye for the finer details and her organisation skills make her very capable at bringing together all elements of a financial strategy.

Cecilia is very passionate about the accounting industry and is always keen to learn more elements of the processes. As soon as new processes arise, Cecilia is always one to put her hand up and undergo new experiences, making her an ideal match for the ever-changing financial services field.

Tara Bidwell

Accounting Practice Manager

With a passion for customer service, Tara is an organised and extremely efficient Accounting Practice Manager at Cambio Group.

With seven years’ experience working within accounting services practices, she brings a wealth of administrative expertise and industry knowledge to her role.

Tara is a clear, strategic thinker and specialises in liaising with the ATO to support client’s strategies. She is driven by the help and support she can bring to others.

She is passionate about ensuring client experiences are seamless and straightforward by proactively implementing strategies and services efficiently.

Andrew Blythman

Accounting Partner

As Partner at Cambio Group, Andrew is committed to helping clients grow and achieve financial prosperity.

He has spent over 15 years in public practice and has contributed to the success of many individuals and businesses of all shapes and sizes. It is his depth of knowledge and experience that makes Andrew such a valuable asset to Cambio Group.

Andrew is currently most passionate about helping others to understand their current and future financial positions as well as helping them to achieve their true financial potential.

With immense experience and knowledge in the financial space, he specialises in helping clients protect their assets and minimise tax so they can truly experience the lifestyle they deserve.

At Cambio Group, Andrew’s goal is to help people thrive in their own ventures. Above anything else, he is passionate about building trusted relationships with clients to help them achieve their own version of success.

Kim Cassar

Senior Accountant

With over 15 years’ experience in the financial services world, Kim is an incredible asset to Cambio Group’s Accounting team.

Kim has worked across a number of different businesses, both in public and commercial practice, which has given her a great understanding of what it takes to financially operate a successful business from the inside out. Kim has a wealth of experience and trustworthiness as a Chartered Accountant, Justice of the Peace, and with a Bachelor of Business from Griffith University.

Kim is skilled in establishing financial processes and accounting frameworks, as well as in financial modelling and internal audits. Her forward-thinking approach to all things business and finance makes her a knowledgeable advisor and partner for any business.

With professionalism and patience, Kim leaps into all challenges with a positive attitude to achieve efficient outcomes. She is incredibly adaptive to change and capable of working in fast-paced, ever-changing environments.

What Kim enjoys most about her role is helping individuals and businesses on a personal level. Kim has a unique passion and skill set in Excel, which derives from her understanding of the program’s full potential and the power it can bring to businesses. She assists clients to use this and other accounting tools for greater results, ease, and consistency.

At Cambio Group, Kim’s goal is to combine her industry and public practice knowledge to help clients achieve their objectives and true purpose in business and life.

Sianne Clements

Client Services Officer

With a keen interest in Financial Planning, Sianne joined Cambio Group in the role of Client Services Officer. In this position, Sianne contributes significantly to creating positive client experiences and seamless financial planning processes.

With an extensive background in administration and customer service, she enjoys helping others and is extremely passionate about providing quality customer service.

Sianne takes pride in helping clients through the sometimes difficult (but necessary) paperwork processes to take away as much stress and confusion as possible.

At Cambio Group, her goal is to ensure your experience is as efficient and enjoyable as possible. She works immensely hard behind the scenes to guarantee your strategies are implemented in a timely, efficient, and most importantly effective manner.

Jeane Coetzee

Senior Accountant

Jeane is a skilled and experienced senior accountant at Cambio Group with an in-depth understanding of small business compliance and the need to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

She takes pride in her work and has a passion for helping business owners and individuals to manage and grow their financial well-being.

Jeane believes that in any business, confidence is critical to good performance and uses her positive attitude and organisational skills to implement accounting strategies to help set clients up for success.

Jeane aims to provide excellent service and thorough knowledge, always striving to exceed client expectations.

David Eckersley

Accounting Partner

David has led a long and impressive career in his 25 years working in the accounting industry.

He has held accounting partner roles since 2003 and his passion for the industry continues deeply in his current role as Cambio Group Partner.

For David, a big appeal is the benefit he can bring to others to enrich their lives. He derives great satisfaction in his client’s accomplishments and takes pride in helping them achieve their goals.

With previous experience as a Business Analyst, David has developed a unique perspective when it comes to accounting. He takes these skills to approach all problems and challenges with a practical and logical nature.

David is a strong believer that relationships are the key to success. His longest client relationship spans an impressive 24 years, and he continues to provide exceptional service and advice for every client who walks through the door at Cambio Group.

With a desire for personal and professional development, David is driven by the success of his clients and is passionate about helping others achieve their true potential.

Roy Friend

Financial Planning Partner

As Financial Planning Partner at Cambio Group, Roy is clearly passionate about supporting people to reach their goals.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the finance industry, he has developed strong relationships built on trust and support.

Roy has long been a committed accountant and adviser of the Cambio Group and has significantly contributed to the growth and success of the business. He is innately attentive to the needs of others and derives great satisfaction in using his knowledge to deliver greater outcomes to his clients.

Roy graduated with an accounting degree, but soon realised he wanted to embrace a more holistic approach to helping people reach their financial goals. He went on to become a fully qualified CPA as part of his post-graduate studies.

Backed by substantial experience and extensive education, Roy specialises in financial advice and is passionate to help others get the most out of their finances.

Brad Grieves

Senior Accountant

With 14 years’ experience in the financial services industry, Brad is an extremely knowledgeable member of the Cambio Group accounting team.

With a Bachelor of Business, a Diploma of Financial Planning, and holding a CPA Australia membership, Brad’s understanding and expertise in the financial industry are second to none.

With professionalism and attention to detail, Brad creates detailed financial solutions and helps his clients to understand how best to implement these plans.

Specialising in compliance and Self-Managed Super Funds, Brad enjoys working with clients to help them make smart, informed financial decisions around their SMSF strategy. At Cambio Group, Brad’s goal is to help people reach their financial aspirations for today and support them to succeed in the future.

Kyrié Huggard

Advice Services Manager

Kyrié is the Advice Services Manager at Cambio Group.

With over 10 years’ experience working in various roles of the financial services industry, Kyrié brings to her role a great depth of knowledge and understanding of processes necessary for success.

Kyrié supports the busy financial planning team assisting them to implement high-standard strategies and processes. Driven by the goal to exceed client expectations, she endeavours to provide the highest quality services for all clients.

As a big-picture thinker, Kyrié is passionate about improving and implementing advice processes to deliver better business and client outcomes. While she excels at creating and executing large-scale strategies and business processes, she also has an incredible knack for the finer details.

Kyrié is professional and organised and uses these qualities to succeed in her role.

Nishant Jagunundan


Nishant brings to our team of Accountants a kind-hearted & caring approach.

With a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business, he has a strong technical knowledge of the financial industry, which allows him to create strategic solutions for clients ensuring they meet their goals.

Nishant’s accounting expertise and thorough tax knowledge provides clients with expert advice, professionalism, and a great sense of security.

Nishant continues to expand on his tax knowledge to provide the latest information and excellent service to clients to ensure they are up-to-date and understand their tax obligations.

Sarah Mayberry

Accounts Manager

Sarah joined Cambio Group in 2013 as Executive Assistant to our Partner, David Eckersley, and has advanced through to the position Accounts Manager.

With exceptional organisation abilities and attention to detail, Sarah is responsible for all internal accounts, payroll and service provider contracts. With a strong background in Administration and a systems-focused approach, Sarah brings a great depth of knowledge to her role.

Sarah contributes to the positive and productive office environment at Cambio Group and is a passionate member of our team.

Alisha Robson

Client Software Support

Cambio Group’s Client Software Support, Alisha Robson, is passionate about helping business owners conquer their financial operations challenges.

With over 15 years’ accounting experience, practicing both publicly and commercially, Alisha is clearly very knowledgeable in the field. With a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accounting, and as a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants since 2008, Alisha has a wealth of industry expertise and insights.

Alisha brings to her role professionalism, attention to detail, and exceptional problem-solving skills helping her to deliver a truly valuable experience to every client. Her knack for the finer details allows her to manage and implement high-quality accounting strategies and bookkeeping services.

Alisha really enjoys working with her clients, whether it be a phone call to answer a payroll question, or a detailed software training session, Alisha derives great satisfaction in helping others, and making sure you do not have to sweat the small stuff!

Ben Robson

Financial Planning Partner

As Financial Planning Partner at Cambio Group, Ben has played a significant role in the growing success of his financial planning clients.

After obtaining a degree in Commerce, Ben went on to become a fully qualified CPA as part of his post-graduate studies. With over 10 years’ experience in the financial services industry, and as a qualified accountant, Ben brings a wealth of financial knowledge and a unique perspective to the financial planning space. Bens supports his clients with sound financial advice related to superannuation, investments, retirement planning, and SMSF.

Ben is passionate about educating his clients on personal finance so they can make smart, informed financial decisions in their wealth-building journey. He enjoys constructing personalised plans that provide his clients with peace of mind knowing that they are going to be able to live the life they want to live in retirement.

As a well-trusted advisor, Ben’s goal at Cambio Group is to support and guide his clients to take proactive steps towards securing and taking control of their own financial future.

Nyah Roessler

Junior Adminstration

Nyah is a fresh new face to the Accounting team. She joined our Administrative staff in the role of Junior Accounting Administration.

She assists our Accountants to process documents and lodgements through to the ATO and is enjoying the challenge of our fast-paced environment.

Working earnestly within our administration team, Nyah has proven to be an asset to the staff and is enjoying working within such a friendly and supportive team as she learns more about the industry.

Holly Ryan

Senior Accountant

Holly is a valued Senior Accountant at Cambio Group and specialises in creating and implementing forward-thinking financial strategies for her clients.

With a Commerce degree from Griffith University and 12 years in financial services, Holly is clearly very knowledgeable when it comes to the industry.

With widespread experience in Tax Accounting, as well as cloud-based technology solutions, she is an extremely skilled accountant. Holly enjoys working with clients to establish good financial habits that allow for effective decision-making both in business and personally.

Holly understands that one of the hardest parts of being a business owner is knowing how much you can afford to pay yourself. With a forward-thinking approach, Holly works hard to take the guesswork out of this for all clients providing much-needed peace of mind for busy business owners.

Jasmina Sahnic

Senior Accountant

With over 10 years’ experience, Jasmina is a passionate and qualified Accountant at Cambio Group.

With an Accounting degree from Griffith University and a Diploma in Accounting from Gold Coast TAFE, Jasmina is exceptionally well-versed in the industry.

Jasmina works with clients at all stages of their lives from numerous different industries including construction and building, hospitality, not-for-profit, and professional or medical services. Working with so many individuals and businesses has given Jasmina a comprehensive understanding of the best strategies for different people and businesses.

Driven by her passion to help others reach their financial and business goals, Jasmina is incredibly efficient in her work. Her personable approach, and her receptiveness to others’ needs, are what make her such a unique accountant and one that clients happily and effortlessly connect with.

Jack Sattler


Jack is one of Cambio Group’s Accountants who is passionate about delivering quality services for every one of his clients.

With a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business from the Griffith University in the Gold Coast, he is knowledgeable and technical when it comes to creating effective strategies.

Efficiency is an absolute priority for Jack and is a value he takes into all his work. Jack is passionate about exploring the wide range of accounting services the team offers and is excited to delve further into the accounting world.

Jack is extremely hard-working, organised, and most importantly, enjoys being able to help people on their path to success, no matter what that looks like to them.

Sue Smith

Corporate Secretary

Sue is or valued Corporate Secretary at Cambio Group.

Having been a key member of the team since 2008, Sue has seen first-hand the changes within the field and has a comprehensive understanding of the financial services industry. Sue has also significantly contributed to many of the vital business changes at Cambio Group.

As Corporate Secretary, Sue is responsible for ASIC lodgements, company trust registrations, and amendments, and plays a key role in regulatory compliance.

With her positive attitude and diligent approach, Sue is committed to ensuring that all processes are followed precisely and efficiently.

Harper Wang

Senior Accountant

Harper is a Senior Accountant at Cambio Group who specialises in areas of business services, advisory, and taxation.

She is a Chartered Accountant with a Master of Accounting and Bachelor of International Business, and has a passion to leverage her technical skills by finding solutions to complex accounting and taxation challenges for clients. Harper is well organised, self-motivated, and uses her initiative to assist facilitate workflows to achieve both personal and team goals.

With over 5 years’ experience in accounting firms, Harper has an extensive understanding of accounting and tax rules and broad experience with corporate, partnership, trust and high-net-worth individual taxation matters.

Maggie Wong-Steedman

Senior Accountant

Maggie has been an Accountant at Cambio Group for over 15 years.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Maggie is skilled in a number of different accounting areas including business services and tax compliance. Maggie particularly enjoys partnering with consolidated groups, the building and construction industry, and franchising.

Maggie is an active member of the Queensland CPA Committee for Women and is passionate about supporting women in business to reach their full potential.

For Maggie, it is the benefits she can bring to her clients that she finds most rewarding about her job. She is passionate about working with businesses to help them overcome roadblocks, visualise their future business, and accomplish their vision and goals.

With a strong analytical approach and a variety of education – including a Bachelor of Science with Honours, and a Master of Commerce – Maggie is extremely well-versed and respected in her field.

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