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Financial Planning, Superannuation

Tax Planning: Maximizing Benefits Through Carry Forward Contributions

In the realm of tax planning, a deep understanding of superannuation contribution rules, such as the carry forward contributions rule, can lead to significant financial benefits. This rule is an effective strategy that enables individuals to increase their super balance while reducing their taxable income by leveraging unused concessional caps from previous years. It’s important […]

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Financial Planning, Retirement Planning

Closing the retirement advice gap

The number of retired Australians is set to surge, and so will demand for retirement advice. Regardless of where you are on life’s journey, good advice is always valuable. Whether it’s buying your first car, your first house or preparing for retirement – getting advice can help validate your plans or steer you around pitfalls […]

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Financial Planning

The Next Bet on Interest Rates

The Reserve Bank has stated it has a low tolerance for a slower return of inflation to its target band. Interest rate movements are difficult to predict. The Reserve Bank (RBA) board will meet again on Tuesday 7 November to determine its next rates move – once again on the same day millions of Australians […]

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Financial Planning, Superannuation

The Valuation Conundrum: Valuing Unlisted Assets in Australian Superannuation Funds

Unlisted assets have played an increasingly important role amongst industry super funds. As of June 2023, the average proportion invested by industry superannuation funds in unlisted assets was 16.4%, with approximately 4.8% allocated to both unlisted equity and direct property and 6.7% to unlisted infrastructure. In comparison, Australia’s largest superannuation fund, Australian Super, currently holds […]

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