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How to Get Your Super Working Harder for You

20 April 2021

A Guide to Setting Up Your Superannuation Investment Strategy for Long-Term Success.

The choices you make now with your super could be the difference between worrying about having enough money in retirement or living your best life in your golden years.

When it comes to retirement, your super fund account will likely be one of your biggest assets.

But for many Australians, their super balance won’t be enough to fund their retirement.

In fact, according to Canstar, the average Australian super balance falls short by more than $200,000 for what is recommended to enjoy a comfortable retirement1.

While it’s hard to determine exactly how much you’ll need for retirement, and how much you’ll have accumulated by the time you decide to retire, there are some steps you can now take to make the most of your super.

The secret to success?

Start now!


It’s never too soon to start looking after your super.


There are many different funds out there, with different types of accounts, investment options, and fees which is why it’s so important to take the time to track your super. It’s also helpful to compare super fund growth rates and fees.

While there are many different ways to grow your super – such as salary sacrificing or making extra, voluntary contributions – the one we are going to focus on today is super investing.

Why super investing? Because put plain and simple, once you have a plan to follow, this strategy allows your super to do the hard work for you so you can sit back and watch your super balance grow.


So what is Super Investing?

We quite often refer to our super as “savings for retirement” which they somewhat are. However, super funds don’t just keep your money in an account – they invest your money for you.

According to SuperGuide:

“Superannuation is simply a vehicle that holds your investments in an environment that the government treats more favourably for tax purposes than money outside of super.”


Most super funds let you choose from a range of investment options.

The way your super is invested can make a big difference to how your super grows over time and the earlier you start, the greater the potential for growing your retirement savings.

ASIC’s Moneysmart highlights four main super investment options:

1. Growth: Aims for higher average returns over the long term. This also means a higher potential for losses than those you would experience with lower-risk options.

2. Balanced: Aims for returns slightly lower than those attributable to growth funds but with reduced risk of losses.

3. Conservative: Aims to reduce the risk of loss and therefore accepts a lower rate of return over the long term.

4. Cash: Aims to guarantee your capital and accumulated earnings cannot be reduced by losses on investments.


If your financial goal is to maximise your super balance, it may seem like the best idea to go for the growth investment option. However, the way your super is invested should be determined by a number of different factors such as your age and financial plan.

Stuck on which investment option is right for you? Australian Super suggests asking yourself two questions to determine how to invest your super:


Question 1: How Long Are You Planning to Invest For?

For most of us, super will be the longest-held investment we ever own, and with time comes great advantages.

With a set timeframe, you can plan your super investment strategy. And if you have time on your side, you can generally afford to take more risk in your younger years.

This is because the longer you are invested in growth assets, the more time you have to ride out short-term volatility, and the less impact short-term market movement will have on your super balance.


Question 2: How Much Investment Risk Are You Comfortable With?

Risk is a part of any investment. So before changing your super investment strategy, consider how much risk you are comfortable with.

High growth options come with higher risk and experience more unstable returns in the short term. However, they will usually have higher returns over the long term. High-growth superannuation investments will not be for everyone.

If you are planning to use your superannuation income stream in the next few years, you may pick a more conservative option. However, if you can afford to take more of a risk, you may consider a growth investment option.

Less than half of Australian super investors are willing to take on even moderate levels of investment risk, significantly affecting their capacity to reach their long-term financial goals.

You should discuss your super investment options with a financial planner who can help you with the best option for your circumstances, that also align with your goals.

An experienced financial advisor can help you make the most out of your super. If you are wanting to plan for your perfect retirement, your super investment strategy is a great place to start.

At Cambio Group, our financial planners are passionate about helping you reach your financial and retirement goals. We believe everyone deserves a retirement of choice, not compromise.

If you’re ready to chat about how you can make the most out of your super for maximum growth, book a complimentary initial consultation with our financial advisors in the Gold Coast.

We are here to help you reach your dreams now and in retirement. Book your free appointment today. 





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