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4 Tips in Choosing the Right Financial Planner in the Gold Coast

November 4, 2021

The expertise of a good advisor can make a world of difference in your ability to navigate your finances and your future with confidence. These professionals are a valuable resource in helping you set goals, develop a solid financial strategy, and achieve your financial and personal objectives.

But how do you pick the right one?

The perfect financial advisor will look different to everyone. Similar to choosing the right doctor, you may have to meet with a few advisors before you find the right one for you.

To help you search for qualified financial advisors to work with, make sure you keep the following tips in mind:

1. Decide What Type of Advice You Need

There are various types of financial advice that you may need throughout your life. In general, you can categorise financial advice into: 

  • General Financial Advice or;
  • Personal Financial Advice

General financial advice: doesn’t take into account your personal circumstances, unique goals, or how your financial decisions may affect you personally.

Personal financial advice: is tailored to your financial situation and goals, and is in your best interests for the future. This type of advice can also be divided into single, one-time advice or ongoing financial advice.

The right advice for you will depend on your situation, but it’s important to understand what type of financial advice you need before you start your search for an advisor.

At Cambio Group, we believe that personalised financial advice helps people reach their financial and life goals. 

Cambio Group can help you make important changes, big and small, based on where you are today and what you want from life.


2.  Know the Kind of Assistance You Require from Your Financial Planner

Further to the type of advice you need, you also need to determine what specialty area of financial advice you require. 

At its most basic level, your financial planner’s job is to assist you in reaching your financial and personal objectives. 

However, different advisors specialise in different areas such as budgeting, investing, self-managed super funds, insurance, estate planning, tax planning, or retirement planning. You want to ensure the financial advisor is qualified in the area you need support.

At Cambio Group, our team has a range of specialties including:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Superannuation and SMSFs
  • Personal Insurance and Wealth Protection
  • Investment Advice and Wealth Management
  • Cash Flow and Effective Debt Management
  • Estate Planning and Tax-Effective Financial Solutions

If you aren’t looking to achieve one singular goal, you may be searching for guidance on making your money and assets work harder for you to achieve your long-term objectives. Knowing precisely why you’re searching for a financial planner can help you discover one who is a good fit for your needs and expectations.


3. Do Your Research

Next, do your own research through trusted, online platforms. 

You can begin by performing an internet search for financial planners in the Gold Coast. You can also ask friends and family; they may be able to refer you to a good advisor. 

You can also use the Australian Government’s Moneysmart Financial Advisers Register to help you choose a qualified financial advisor. You can search by name or location so you can easily find a great financial advisor in the Gold Coast.


4. Make an Appointment for an Introductory Consultation

Your financial advisor relationship will be a very important and personal one in your life. Financial advisors are not “one-size-fits-all”. You may like to meet with a few advisors before you make your decision.

Financial planners often provide free first meetings, which are a fantastic way to determine whether or not the advisor is a suitable match for your personality and financial objectives. To prepare for your appointment, write out a list of questions you want to ask during the discussion.

Take the time to understand a financial planner’s communication style and approach. You can even ask them to explain a financial concept to you. Ideally, they will help to simplify the concept rather than make it more confusing!

At Cambio Group, we offer complimentary initial meetings. We understand how important it is to meet and get to know each other before making your decision. 

It may take time to find the right person, but the result will be a trusted long-term advisor who works in your best interests and adds substantial value to you and your life objectives. 

If you would like to meet with one of Cambio Group’s financial advisors, please get in contact with our office or you can easily book a time to speak with our team here.


Disclaimer: The information (including taxation) in this website does not consider your personal circumstances and is of a general nature only – unless otherwise stated. You should not act on the information provided without first obtaining professional advice specific to your circumstances.


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